As an investor in a SaaS startup, you have 2 overriding challenges: Your startup must build a good system and they must be able to sell it. And the quality of your Tech and Sales team determines whether you:

  • Losing your money
  • Making money
  • Or make a lot of money from this investment.

Secondarily, it may be important for you that the startup deals with:

  • Something that helps our society – e.g. improves the environment or is involved in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  • Something that is innovative – and thus interesting to participate in.
  • Something where you have a core competence – so it is further interesting for you and where your participation can make a bigger difference.

Once in a while, for individual startups, you can live with elevating a secondary importance to the most important, knowing that the risk of losing your money on this investment is very high. But as a starting point, the most important thing for you as an investor is that you make money on as many of your investments as possible, within as short a period of time as possible.

A rule of thumb for a new investor is that 1 in 10 investments will be a great success. And that you lose money or spend so much time that it is actually a money loss, on half of your investments.

The more well-known you become, the better the network you get and the more successes you are a part of, the better startups you will be offered. And with each investment you make, you’ll become more adept at making the right choice. This will greatly improve your success rate.

So if you are a new investor now, with dedication and skill over 10 years you will surely be able to reduce your loss rate from 5 out of 10 companies to 1 in 10 companies.

With a Tikweb Tech Team to manage the development process and the start of the sales process, you can ensure that your loss rate is reduced now, while reducing your time consumption and giving you access to tools that give you the desired insight into the development of the startups you invest in.

Tikweb has the absolute lowest development costs on the market and we are specialists in all the challenges a startup faces. Compared to a typical development house, we are usually somewhere between a factor of 10 to 20 cheaper, and work extremely agile, which means that we go from idea to finished product faster than anyone else.

We are so confident that we can create a success every time – that we as the only professional tech team are willing to work from a no cure no pay model if desired.

See an example of how we offer a Tikweb Tech Team for a typical SaaS startup.

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