Project Status: Ongoing
Start time: 01/08/2021

CandyExpress is an online candy store where customers can buy various types of candies at one place. CandyExpress’s products have been distributed across SouthEast Asia since 2013, and today it offers door to door delivery service to customers throughout Singapore and Malaysia.

PHP, laravel, mySQL, Flutter


  • Our first challenge was to generate the subscription system. It was complicated but we finalised it very smoothly.
  • The second challenge was to work with the shopify’s API. We had to understand the requirements and then make that implementation on the final project.

For the subscription system, we used our own database system instead going to shopify’s database


  • Our first step was to gather the requirements for the project. We then split those requirements into the product backlogs, and we create tasks for those backlogs. Our next step was to plan the sprint, place the highest priority task in the first sprint, and plan the rest of the sprint in the same way.
  • For task management, Confluence is used for documentation, Bitbucket is used for repository and version control, and Slack and Google Meet are used for communications.
  • As an Agile company, we follow the agile principles and scrum methodology strictly when tackling this kind of project.

CandyExpress’s project is ongoing, and we will add more features in the future.

Project participants
Flutter Developer, Web Developer