We have designed and developed software for a wide variety of clients across a range of industries.
As a result of our extensive experience, we deliver top-quality solutions customised to meet your unique business needs.

Here are a few of our case studies

Routii is a trip planning app where user can plan a trip from destination A to B and can see the activities, deals such as restaurant offers, entertainment center offers etc that are near the planned route and can add any of them in their route plan.
Wedsly is a Wedding Planner app that can help customers to plan their dream wedding. Customers can manage everything from their guest list to their budget from their mobile device. Since the launch in 2017, Wedsly has helped more than 300,000 couples plan their wedding.
Gixter is a platform to find and book artists of all types and genres for your big day. Its musicians are from Denmark, Austria, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. Their customers can hire artists for their events or they can create events where artists can apply for jobs. Other features include concert creation, equipment hire, blog, etc
Coachsome is a platform that connects personal sports coaches and athletes. Both athletes or Coaches can request sessions available in the packages and can fix the time and date to complete the session.
CandyExpress is an online candy store where customers can buy various types of candies at one place. CandyExpress’s products have been distributed across SouthEast Asia since 2013, and today it offers door to door delivery service to customers throughout Singapore and Malaysia.
An IoT based project which is created for baby cradles. A motor which swings a baby cradle with a particular speed at a particular time. An iOS and android app has been created to control the motor's speed and time using bluetooth.
SMS-Track offers a full-featured service for SMS and Text Message Surveys with a high response rate of over 90%! It can run quick, one-time surveys or set up recurring surveys every day, week, or month, and use a rule engine to define future questions. Whether the customer is planning a large research study or just needs a quick SMS Questionnaire, SMS-Track is up for the task!
TrapMe Mouse Tunnel adds extra functionality to TrapMe devices. A total of 500+ pieces of this addon were manufactured for the customer
TrapMe Bait Box was a project where we needed to design and create a prototype of a bait box which will house the TrapMe device.
TrapMe Mouse House is an addon for TrapMe devices. This addon was designed and manufactured 800+ pieces for the customers.


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