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A 2017 study by BetterCloud interviewing 1827 US business leaders show this historic and estimated progression in number of business using SaaS for 80% or more of their business software.

The projection shows all US companies will use SaaS for most everything in 2025!

Vores produkter

WooCommerce Mailpoet 3 Pro

Extends Add On WooCommerce Mailpoet 3 with additional features. Adds ability to  add Mailpoet lists for individual products or product categories.

Mailpoet Bounce Handler

Automatic mail bounce handling for MailPoet 3, for installations using your own SMTP server. Install the plugin and find Bounce Handling menu under the MailPoet menu to setup.

Print Fulfillment Pro WC

This plugin will basically create two files(PDF and XML) when an order completes successfully. The files will be sent to the FTP server of the printing company.

"Vores stærkeste styrke er vores innovationsgrad - og den innovationsiver vi lægger for dagen og vi forlader aldrig en løsning før..."

– Kasper Tikjøb, Udvikler

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