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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a Venture Studio?

    A venture studio is an organization that assists startups in reaching product-market fit by providing the initial team, strategic direction, and capital.

  • What is the mission statement of Tikweb?

    Tikweb’s mission is to enable companies to shift from legacy IT to the future. We understand that all clients have specific business needs, so we offer state-of-the-art digital solutions based on their business requirements. Between Bangladesh and Denmark, we learned more about each other’s cultures in our early years. This cultural advantage has positioned Tikweb to work with startup companies as well as large enterprises.

  • What is the vision of Tikweb?

    Creating something new & unique is only possible for those who are inspired and passionate. We are the people who want to make the world a better place every day, and we are a company that inspires people. We believe in long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. As a result, we offer individual, flexible models of cooperation, often based on agile processes.

  • When did Tikweb start its journey?

    Our unique journey started on 31st August 2013 with our first employee in Bangladesh, and to what we are today. We can proudly say – that the first employee is still with Tikweb.

  • What languages do you support?

    The official work language in Tikweb is English, then we have some that also speak other languages like Danish.

  • How many employees are working at Tikweb?

    Tikweb has around 60 employees.
  • What services does Tikweb provide?

    • Dedicated Teams: We offer Dedicated teams designed for those who want to remain in control of their project & team without all the hiring hassles, administrative difficulties, or workplace organization headaches.
    • Web Development: We work with web development, where we use agile development methodologies. With leading expertise & years of experience, Tikweb has developed over 60 websites. We can create web applications that are user-friendly, lightweight, flexible, & packed with features.
    • Mobile Apps: We develop custom mobile applications efficiently & quickly for iOS & Android, without compromising quality or usability.
    • MVP (Minimum viable product): A minimum viable product is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development. A focus on releasing an MVP means that developers potentially avoid lengthy and unnecessary work.
      We employ a fast & agile development process to reduce time-to-market. With this method, you get a functional version of your product with all core features ready for testing with users.
    • Hardware design: We offer high-quality hardware development solutions to our customers with the aid of digital manufacturing techniques. We work on CAD designing, Mechanical prototyping, CNC manufacturing, Short scale production, 3D printing, and PCB prototyping.
    • Integration: We connect your existing apps and automate your workflow. You can integrate your website with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify and others. As a result, your organization can improve customer service and increase revenue per customer.
    • IoT (currently under process): We have the plan to work with IoT app development
    • Web hosting (currently under process): We have the plan to work with web hosting in future
  • What about customer satisfaction?

    The satisfaction of our customers is something we are very proud of and we measure it regularly
  • Who owns the rights to software development?

    As a customer, you have all rights to software that comes from Tikweb.
  • What type of developers can you supply?

    We provide front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack developers, mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, hardware designers, and software testers. See the list of technologies we work with

  • What is the minimum size of a dedicated team?

    With us, the size of the team is custom tailored to your needs. We deliver at least two developers, and our customers have anywhere from two to infinite developers. See who is involved in which projects.
  • What happens if a developer changes jobs?

    During the developer’s notice period (normally between one and two months depending on the contract), we will look for a replacement.

  • What if a developer is not performing satisfactorily?

    A strong reputation for skilled developers at Tikweb. We primarily work with European customers and have therefore tailored our internal education towards them. There is a clear escalation process if you have any issues with your team.

  • Why should I consider your software development company as a partner?

    We help our clients to focus on their business and we build fruitful, long-term, and transparent relationships with our clients. Explore our case studies and About us page that will show you who we are at heart and what we believe in. We are the best employer for the best developers.

    • Customer value and satisfaction: These are the key points to which we prioritize. We listen to our customers and clients and take constant feedback from them. With our structured approach, the customer can remain worry-free while we handle everything.
    • Tikweb is just like your own team: We specialise in senior full-time developers. So, together with your own employees, build your dream team with Tikwebian developers.
      Spend less & develop better: Experienced developers at an affordable price are what we offer. You can grow better, with less risk, while making more money.
    • Danish company: Our experience with offshore software development teams spans more than six years, and we know how to work with Danish culture.
      Fun: Working with Tikweb will be fun. We are easy to work and communicate with. The developers at our company are all free-minded and take any issues seriously
  • What are the strengths of Tikweb?

    • Teamwork and Leadership: We are exceptionally good at team working and leadership
    • Hierarchies vs Holacracy: We avoid Hierarchies instead we maintain Holacracy
    • Communication: We have extensive experience in communicating to our users and clients
    • One goal: Every employee works towards the same goal.
    • Zero politics: We do not have any such barrier and strictly maintain a healthy environment
    • Work on time: We always start and end our work on time, something that other companies lack
  • What is Hierarchies vs Holacracy

    In Tikweb we want a straight, relaxing and transparent work life that uses an agile approach and not the “old hierarchies”. We want to break down the silos, share all we can and empower all of us to be the best we can be. There is a word for this organisation method, and it is Holacracy.

    We like

    • Open team based work life
    • Self-thinking agile teams
    • A trust based open mindset

    We avoid

    • Hierarchy
    • Secrecy
    • Micro-management
  • What kind of facilities does the employee get?

    • Events: Half yearly & annually team building outside the office.
    • Workshops: Get learnings from professional IT-advisors
    • Team Energy: Indoor games, parties, outside activities, and more.
    • Knowledge sharing: Weekly roundups. Dev. meetings, Newsletters, Workshops, and a lot more knowledge sharing.
    • Diversity and inclusion: We strive for flexibility, transparency, support, and benefits. We also go after 5-star experiences in anything we do.
    • Constant feedback: We will help you as much as you want. Just ask your manager, and they will find time for a talk with you.
    • No overtime: We encourage work-life balance so you can enjoy your time working here, and when you are free, you are free.
    • Family & friends: Two days weekend, leaves, vacations, etc.
    • Food & drinks: Unlimited snacks & free lunch.
    • Performance: Two festival bonuses & project performance bonuses.
    • Employee referral program: If you recommend Tikweb, you get rewarded.
  • What’s the Tikweb Model?


3D printing/modelling
  • Do you work with 3D printing?

    Yes. We have mechanical design engineers & 3D printing specialists in-house. Just let us know if you have any prototyping requests in the future.
  • What manufacturing process do you offer?

    We deal with several types of manufacturing processes to create physical products. Such as 3D Printing, Laser cutting, CNC Milling & Turning, Weldments & Sheet metal bending.
  • What format of design files do you support?

    We support most of the 2D & 3D Design formats such as DWG, DXF, STL, STEP, IGS, X_T (Parasolid), f3d, sldprt, sldsm, prt, etc! If you don’t have any of these, NO WORRIES! Tikweb has its own in-house design team. We can create CAD models from your concept ideas. It can be a hand-drawn sketch, picture file, PDF, Word, or any other common format.
  • Can you modify an existing design?

    YES! We can modify an existing 2D/3D design according to your requirements. Also, we have good experience in reverse engineering, where an existing product can be re-engineered by a sophisticated method.
  • What are the materials that you use for parts production?

    It will depend on the manufacturing process. 3D Printing: PLA, ABS, PETG Injection moulding: ABS, PC, TPU, etc CNC Milling, Turning: Aluminium alloy, Steel, Wood, Plastic blocks.
Software development
  • What makes your software development process different?

    We’re highly collaborative. From the early years, we shaped our software development firm to be an understanding and flexible partner that adjusts to the client’s development process. We follow an Agile process that was refined over the 6 years since the founding. You set the metrics, help us grasp the business know-how, and our product team will present you with a predictable development plan with a clearly defined budget and deliverables.
  • Do you offer custom software development services for my industry?

    We’re open to working with any industry. as our team’s strategy, project management, and development skills proved to be effective for every project.
  • Do you offer teams for mobile app development?

    Yes, If you need to expand your mobile team, contact us to discuss your plan and what you need to reach similar business results with your mobile apps.
  • Do you offer cost-effective software solutions?

    Unlike other software development companies, we offer all the services at a competitive price. We believe in providing cost-effective, professional, and reliable services.
  • What is an API?

    Application Program Interface is the name when we talk about API. It’s primary when you are gonna fetch data from another server or your biggest wish is to send data to another platform. We have some very qualified API-integration specialists & we are used to working with APIs on a large scale. Here you can see the list of APIs we have been working with.
  • Do you work in WordPress?

  • Is it possible to change the entire page by time on some page?

    Yes, you’re in the right place. We provide a CMS called TikCMS to help you with this. You can edit the whole page where you want. You can add pages to your site through our CMS.
  • What if I need custom chat for my site?

    We provide custom and real-time messaging services. We can build you a whole chat system as per your requirements.
  • What technologies do you use for web, mobile app & hardware development?

    For backend development, we use PHP, NodeJS, .NET, Ruby, Laravel, Codeigniter, Rails, ExpressJS, Symfony, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Redis. For frontend development, we use Angular, React, VueJS, Svelte, ESLint, Redux, TypeScript, Sass, npn, Redis, webpack, react router, VueX, MaterialUI, Bootstrap, Nuxt, and AntDesign. For unit testing, we use Selenium. For mobile app development, we use Flutter, Swift, Native, and Kotlin. For UI/UX design, we use Figma UI/UX, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and XD. For hardware design, we use CAD/CAM, Prototyping, 3D Printing, and CNC.
  • What is Node.js?

    Node.js is not a library or a framework. A run-time environment it is. Node.js, which was created for backend development, is based on JavaScript. Due to its performance and scalability, it became extremely popular. By adding additional nodes, scalability can be implemented both vertically and horizontally. The performance of an application is improved by using less memory.
  • What are the advantages of using Node.js?

    Development teams can improve performance at a lower cost thanks to Node.js. Instead of creating many processes, the system consolidates all incoming requests into one. Node.js switches to another connection if one becomes idle and continues to run the code in the same thread. As a result, one process consumes less memory than several. Furthermore, Node.js is written in JavaScript, making it accessible to front-end developers.
  • Which businesses using Node.js?

    Node.js was chosen by industry titans like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and LinkedIn to create their platforms. It provides video streaming, file sharing, and network-intensive applications, and it functions well for any real-time application. Node.js enables companies to cut costs to the absolute minimum. After switching to Node.js, LinkedIn drastically reduced the number of its servers from 30 to 3.
  • What year did React.js debut?

    In May 2013, Facebook presented React.js at JSConf US. It was first rejected by the development community since it called for combining JavaScript code and markup in one file. However, new startups like Netflix and Airbnb opted to use React.js to create their businesses. They valued their component-centric methodology and have continued to use React.js.
  • React.js: Is it a framework?

    React.js’ creators claim that their software is a library and not a framework. It appears to be just as effective as a framework, though. React.js is concerned with creating a UI component structure and managing it effectively. In addition to a wealth of assets, it also includes a development technique that is reminiscent of the framework.
  • When using React.js?

    When utilising React.js, there are no restrictions. A thorough understanding of Javascript and the Single Page Application (SPA) approach to application development is the primary prerequisite for using React.js. Its capabilities and user experiences are highly valued by programmers. React.js is a simple transition for Javascript developers because it just takes a few days to learn.
  • Why use React.js?

    When it comes to excellent practices, React.js library is a pioneer. React.js is admired by front-end developers because it makes working with UI components simpler than ever. Meanwhile, React.js has the unique qualities of virtual DOM. By keeping the DOM updated under control, it reduces the pressures placed on web browsers. The second distinguishing trait of React.js is code reuse, which speeds up development.
  • Which businesses utilise React.js?

    React.js libraries can be used for both enterprise solutions and beginning companies. Large businesses, including Asana and Dropbox, have selected React.js because it quickly enables user activities in the browser. Because React.js enables for flexibility when priorities change frequently, small businesses choose to adopt it. Since the publication of its new version has no impact on the project’s existing code, it is fairly stable.
  • Can you also provide a design for my project?

    Yes, we can! We have UI/UX designers in-house & they work in Figma, so you can collaborate & see changes live! We have both illustrators, 3D printing specialists, and UI/UX designers & all design processes follow the Tikweb Customer Experience Program.


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