What services does Tikweb provide?

  • Dedicated Teams: We offer Dedicated teams designed for those who want to remain in control of their project & team without all the hiring hassles, administrative difficulties, or workplace organization headaches.
  • Web Development: We work with web development, where we use agile development methodologies. With leading expertise & years of experience, Tikweb has developed over 60 websites. We can create web applications that are user-friendly, lightweight, flexible, & packed with features.
  • Mobile Apps: We develop custom mobile applications efficiently & quickly for iOS & Android, without compromising quality or usability.
  • MVP (Minimum viable product): A minimum viable product is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development. A focus on releasing an MVP means that developers potentially avoid lengthy and unnecessary work.
    We employ a fast & agile development process to reduce time-to-market. With this method, you get a functional version of your product with all core features ready for testing with users.
  • Hardware design: We offer high-quality hardware development solutions to our customers with the aid of digital manufacturing techniques. We work on CAD designing, Mechanical prototyping, CNC manufacturing, Short scale production, 3D printing, and PCB prototyping.
  • Integration: We connect your existing apps and automate your workflow. You can integrate your website with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify and others. As a result, your organization can improve customer service and increase revenue per customer.
  • IoT (currently under process): We have the plan to work with IoT app development
  • Web hosting (currently under process): We have the plan to work with web hosting in future


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