HR simplified for remote teams

Find your new team members here and join other companies bridging new team members to alleviate current restrictions like location, facilities, and culture.


We have a clear and defined process to source and certify
new team members for your team


Having dedicated team members join your team ensures complete focus on quality, reliability and dedication to your project


It is our top priority that the team members are the right fit for you and the rest of the team, so we have a lot of focus on having the right tools and procedures in place for success.

What is included in our package for your team member


Half yearly & annually team building outside the office..

Family & friends

Two days weekend, leaves, vacations, etc

Family & friends

Unlimited snacks & free lunch.

Team Energy

Indoor games, parties, outside activities and more.


Two festival bonuses & project performance bonus.


Get learnings from professional IT-advisors


Mental health is important and we want to make sure yours is taken care of.

Employee referral program

Two days weekend, leaves, vacations, etc

Good energy

We strive for a positive environment.

You are not alone

We help each other


We know how important it is to learn.

We speak english

Here we all speak English.

Knowledge sharing

Weekly roundups. Dev. meetings, Newsletters, Workshops and a lot more knowledge sharing.


Whatever you will be a participant or speaker, we will cover the costs.

Team Budget

Each team has their own budget to have some good time together

Diversity and inclusion

We strive for flexibility, transparency, support and benefits. We also go after 5-star experiences in anything we do

No overtime

We encourage work-life balance so you can enjoy your time working here and when you are free, you are free.

Constant feedback

We will help you as much as you want. Just ask your manager and they will find time for a talk with you.


We have very talented people in Tikweb, who can guide your development path. No matter if it’s a matter of life or work.

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