Project Status: Ongoing
Start time: 01/07/2021

An IoT based project  which is created for baby cradles. A motor which swings a baby cradle with a particular speed at a particular time. An iOS and android app has been created to control the motor’s speed and time using bluetooth.

Swift, Java

The challenge of this project was to communicate between the app and motor.

The motor has used Bluetooth Low Energy for communication. So we used Core Bluetooth for communicating with the motor and sent data using it by compressing it using CBOR.

Firstly we have done design which was given from the designer. Then connecting the api which was given from the web developer. Finally communicate with the motor using bluetooth. Now fixing bugs if any bug happens.

As of now, we have successfully released the full version of the application, it works fine and customers are happy with it. Our current focus is on developing a future plan for this app.

Project participants
iOS Developer, Android developer, Web developer, UI/UX Designer, Project Manager, Business Analyst

About Client
Moonboon is a kids & baby studio platform that makes sustainable accessories out of fine organic materials. They are inspired by the moon, nighttime, deep sleep, sweet dreams, and adventures. Their products are a baby hammock motor, tripod, stand, waterproof mattress protector etc.