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The Ismageriet project aimed to seamlessly connect a new cash deposit hardware
system with a Point of Sale (POS) device and the existing Shopify online store.



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The goal of the Ismageriet project was to smoothly integrate a novel cash deposit hardware system with both a Point of Sale (POS) device and the established Shopify online store. This endeavor aimed to elevate the ice cream purchasing journey by blending the allure of in-store ambiance with the ease of online transactions. Ismageriet, recognized for its artisanal ice cream, has been pleasing customers since 2005, prioritizing the use of fresh and responsibly sourced ingredients.

The Challenge

📌 Cash Deposit Machine Integration: Establishing a system to seamlessly control a cash deposit machine through a POS device.
📌 Order Details and Payment Processing: Saving order details from the POS in Shopify’s online database, managing payments through Shopify via Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) hardware.
📌 Admin Panel Development: Creating an intuitive admin panel to control various functions of the cash deposit machine.


✔️ Microservice Development: We have developed a sophisticated microservice, seamlessly integrating the cash deposit machine, POS device, and Shopify store.
✔️ Order Processing Workflow: Initiating an order on the POS device establishes a connection with Shopify to store order details. Shopify interfaces with the microservice for secure payment processing via the cash deposit machine.
✔️ Real-time Transaction Updates: The microservice efficiently communicates with and manages the cash deposit machine, ensuring accurate cash collection, dispensing change, and updating transaction information on Shopify in real time.


✏️ Analysis of Client Requirements: A thorough analysis of client requirements, identifying key functionalities and integration points.
✏️ Flow Diagram Creation: Visual representation of the workflow through comprehensive flow diagrams.
✏️ JIRA Issue Definition: Defining JIRA issues to systematically address challenges and tasks.
✏️ Design Phase in Figma: Collaborative design phase to ensure alignment with client expectations.
✏️ Microservice Integration: The development phase involved integrating the three primary components through a microservice.
✏️ Technical Issue Resolution: Addressing technical challenges, particularly with Shopify API, to ensure seamless integration.
✏️ Demonstration Meetings: Multiple meetings with the client to demonstrate the functionality and gather feedback.

Project Participants

Project Manager: Overseeing coordination and execution.

Product Owner (Client): Representation of the client’s vision.

Full-stack Developer: End-to-end development and integration. Proficient in PHP, .NET, Laravel, and ASPCore 6.0.

Shopify Developer: Optimization and customization of Shopify integration. Expertise in TypeScript, ReactJS, and NextJS.

Network Engineer: Ensuring robust network infrastructure. Skilled in npm, webpack, React Router, React Table, and ESLint.

DotNet Developer: Backend functionality and integration. Specialized in .NET technologies.

UI/UX Designer: Crafting an intuitive and visually appealing user interface. Proficient in Figma.

 Key Deliverable

Web app

Admin Dashboard

Shopify App

Note Recycler Integration

Maintenance and Upgrades


Shopify Integration and Order Automation


Ismageriet’s project features Shopify integration, enabling a cohesive connection between the online store and the new Sesami cash deposit hardware system. This integration facilitates order automation, ensuring that transactions are seamlessly processed, and inventory is synchronized between the POS device and the Shopify platform.

Cash Management


The project incorporates comprehensive Cash Management. This solution enhances the efficiency of handling cash transactions, providing a secure and streamlined process for managing financial transactions associated with the integrated systems. It serves as a key component in ensuring accurate and efficient cash-related operations within the Ismageriet project.


IPsec Tunneling


The Ismageriet project employs IPsec tunneling to establish secure and encrypted communication channels between the various elements of the integrated system. This security measure ensures the confidentiality and integrity of data transmission, safeguarding sensitive information as it travels between the Admin Portal, Shopify, and the cash deposit hardware system.

Admin Portal


We developed interactive guest engagement and personalized memories features for Wedbox. Guests can share thoughts and comments, fostering shared celebrations of love and joy. Additionally, users can categorize moments and events, making it easy to locate and share specific memories.


Delivery & Development


After developing the app, it was launched on iOS, Android, and web platforms. Security was a priority. Ongoing maintenance and multiple versions are planned to expand usage across departments.

Value Creation & Impact of the Solution

Enhanced Operational Control and Efficiency

The implementation of an Admin Portal empowers Ismageriet with enhanced operational control, enabling administrators to efficiently manage and optimize the connected hardware and software components. This centralized hub streamlines processes, fostering improved efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Seamless Integration for E-commerce Growth

The integration of Shopify and the new cash deposit hardware system creates a seamless connection between the online store and in-store transactions. This integration not only automates order processing but also positions Ismageriet for e-commerce growth, ensuring a cohesive and synchronized customer experience across various channels.

Efficient Cash Management and Financial Transparency

The incorporation of Cash Management introduces efficiency to the handling of cash transactions. This solution provides Ismageriet with a secure and streamlined process, contributing to financial transparency. The system ensures accurate and efficient management of financial transactions, minimizing errors and enhancing overall financial control.

Secure Data Transmission with IPsec Tunneling

The use of IPsec tunneling establishes secure and encrypted communication channels between components, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data transmission. This security measure enhances trust and reliability, mitigating potential risks associated with data breaches and unauthorized access. Ismageriet’s commitment to data security contributes to a robust and trustworthy operational environment.