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SMS-Track stands as a beacon in the realm of survey services, offering a full-featured platform
for SMS and Text Message Surveys with an impressive response rate exceeding 90%.


SMS Track

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At the forefront of survey services, SMS-Track offers a comprehensive platform for SMS and Text Message Surveys, boasting an impressive 90%+ response rate. Whether orchestrating extensive research studies or quick SMS Questionnaires, SMS-Track excels in versatility. From one-time surveys to recurrent ones on varying schedules, the platform’s robust rule engine ensures seamless question management, providing unmatched flexibility and customization for users across the spectrum of survey needs.

The Challenge

📌 Ensuring SMS Delivery: Overcoming hurdles in SMS deliverability to ensure timely and effective survey delivery.

📌 Timely Data Processing: Implementing efficient processes to meet survey data processing requirements within set time frames.


✔️ Telecom Partnership for SMS Reliability: Partnered with telecoms, followed industry standards, optimized routes for reliable SMS delivery.
✔️ Instant Issue Resolution: Implemented real-time feedback for swift issue resolution in SMS delivery.
✔️ Streamlined Data Processing: Enhanced efficiency with streamlined workflows and automation for survey data.
✔️ Analysis and Reporting: Improved data analysis and reporting for faster, more accurate results.
✔️ Performance Optimization: Regular assessments and optimizations for improved processing speed and accuracy.


✏️ Requirements Gathering and Backlog Creation: Thoroughly gathered project requirements, categorized them into product backlogs, and created tasks to address each item.

✏️ Agile Planning and Scrum Methodology: Strategically planned sprints according to Agile and Scrum principles, prioritizing tasks for iterative and efficient development.

✏️ Collaborative Tools for Task Management: Utilized Confluence for documentation, Bitbucket for version control, and Slack and Google Meet for seamless communication and collaboration.

Project Participants

Project Manager: Responsible for overseeing the project’s progress, ensuring alignment with timelines and client expectations.

Software Developer: Tasked with the development and enhancement of the SMS-Track platform, ensuring the effective implementation of features and functionalities.

UX/UI Designer: Contributing to the project’s visual and user experience elements, the UX/UI Designer collaborates closely with the team to create an intuitive and visually appealing interface for the SMS-Track platform.

QA Tester: Responsible for ensuring the quality and functionality of the SMS-Track platform through rigorous testing, identifying and addressing any potential issues or bugs in the system.

 Key Deliverable

WordPress Site

Windows Services

Admin Dashboard

Maintenance and Upgrades


Survey Management Suite


We developed a suite of advanced survey management tools, including question filtering, respondent category grouping, and dynamic message generation. This integrated feature set empowers users with precise control over survey flow and participant data, ensuring optimal customization and insights. 




Enhanced Communication Capabilities


We developed seamless communication features for engaging with respondents, including one-way messages, reminders, and manual text message dispatch. This combination streamlines participant engagement, encouraging timely responses and reducing communication barriers.



Data Analysis and Reporting Tools


We developed comprehensive data analysis and reporting tools, amalgamating standard reports, data export capabilities, and advanced analytics functionalities. This integrated solution facilitates efficient data interpretation and decision-making processes.


Efficient Participant Management


We developed features for efficient participant management, including keyword signup, automatic opt-out functionalities, and answer validation. This integrated solution enhances participant enrollment, ensures data accuracy, and streamlines administrative processes for improved survey efficiency.


Delivery & Development


After developing the app, it was launched on web platforms. Security was a priority. Ongoing maintenance and multiple versions are planned to expand usage across departments.

Value Creation & Impact of the Solution

Enhanced Participation Rates

SMS-Track’s high response rates exceeding 90% ensure comprehensive data collection, providing organizations with richer insights and more accurate feedback.

Time Savings and Efficiency

Efficient data management features like Missing Answers and Data Export save valuable time, streamlining survey processes and enabling quicker access to actionable information.

Customizable Communication

Features like one-way messages and Manual One-Way Text Messages offer tailored communication options, fostering participant engagement and ensuring a positive survey experience.

Effective Participant Reminders

The Reminder feature contributes to higher completion rates by gently reminding forgetful respondents, reducing the likelihood of missing data, and ensuring more robust survey results.

Adaptive Survey Design

The Rule Engine Implementation enables dynamic survey design, allowing organizations to adapt and customize future survey questions. This flexibility ensures surveys remain relevant and effective over time.