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Moonboon, an innovative IoT-based project, introduces a modern solution for baby cradles. This project features a motorized mechanism designed to gently swing a baby cradle at specific speeds and times. To offer user-friendly control, an iOS and Android app has been meticulously crafted, allowing parents to regulate the motor’s speed and operation time seamlessly via Bluetooth connectivity.

The Challenge

📌 The primary challenge faced in the Moonboon project was establishing effective communication between the mobile app and the motorized cradle.


✔️ The Moonboon motor utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy for communication. To address the challenge, the development team implemented Core Bluetooth, allowing seamless communication between the app and the motor. Data transmission was optimized by compressing it using Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR).


✏️ Design Phase: Commenced the project by translating the designer’s vision into a practical and visually appealing design.

✏️ API Integration: Connected the app to the API, which was provided by the web developer. This step ensured smooth communication between the app and the server.

✏️ Bluetooth Communication: Established communication with the motor using Bluetooth, enabling users to control the cradle’s swinging motion.

✏️ Bug Fixing: Conducted rigorous testing and bug fixing to enhance the app’s stability and functionality.

Project Participants

iOS Developer: Executed the development of the Moonboon iOS app, ensuring optimal performance and seamless integration with the motor.

Android Developer: Led the development efforts for the Android counterpart, delivering a consistent and user-friendly experience on Android devices.

Web Developer: Provided crucial support by offering an API for seamless communication between the app and the server.

UI/UX Designer: Crafted an intuitive and visually appealing design for the Moonboon app, enhancing the overall user experience.

QA Tester: Responsible for ensuring the quality and functionality App platform through rigorous testing, identifying and addressing any potential issues or bugs in the system.

Project Manager: Orchestrated the project’s progress, ensuring timely milestones and effective collaboration among team members.

Business Analyst: Analyzed requirements, ensuring that the final product aligns with the project’s objectives and meets user expectations.

 Key Deliverable

iOS App

Android App

Maintenance and Upgrades


Device Control & Monitoring


We developed a mobile app that empowers users to seamlessly control and monitor their Moonboon devices, ensuring convenient management of your baby’s cradle.




Baby Bouncer Command


Parents gain full control over the Moonboon baby bouncer, regulating speed, setting timers, and maintaining detailed logs for personalized monitoring and customization.



Sleep Guidance


Receive personalized guidance on optimizing your baby’s sleep, tailored to your specific needs and preferences, all made possible by our app. 


Convenient Shopping Experience


Explore and shop the entire Moonboon product range directly through the app developed, ensuring a seamless and intuitive shopping experience.

Delivery & Development


After developing the project, it was launched on iOS, and Android. Security was a priority. Ongoing maintenance and multiple versions are planned to expand usage across departments.

Value Creation & Impact of the Solution

Enhanced Parental Convenience

Moonboon’s comprehensive mobile app integration brings unparalleled convenience to parents by allowing them to control and monitor their Moonboon devices effortlessly. This ensures that parents can focus on creating a nurturing environment for their baby without added stress.

Optimized Sleep Solutions

The app’s integration with expert sleep guidance provides parents with valuable insights and advice from sleep experts, empowering them with knowledge on how to enhance their baby’s sleep quality. This results in more restful sleep for both parents and their infants.

Streamlined Shopping Experience

By offering a user-friendly interface to browse and shop the entire Moonboon range directly through the app, parents experience a streamlined shopping process. This saves time and effort, providing a hassle-free way to access Moonboon’s innovative products.

Real-time Monitoring and Control

Moonboon’s app enables parents to have real-time control and monitoring of the baby bouncer’s speed and timer. This feature ensures that parents can easily customize the cradle’s operation to suit their baby’s needs, providing peace of mind.

Comprehensive Log Maintenance

The app’s ability to maintain logs of baby bouncer usage offers parents a valuable tool for tracking and understanding their baby’s sleep patterns. This feature facilitates better sleep management and helps parents make informed decisions for their child’s well-being.