Languages and technical choices

First of all – no language is the best! But based on a specific technical request, there can be a big difference in which language solves the challenge best.

When you are assigned to a Tikweb Tech Team – then the future language and platform are chosen based on a combination of existing code, wishes for the future, and your priorities. We then find the right developer with the right skills to suit the given task.

A couple of typical wishes:

  1. I have had various developers involved and have various codes, what do you recommend? It depends on what you have – but often Laravel is chosen as a framework (PHP-based) and Vue.js as a front-end framework, because it is an easy solution that gets you to the goal quickly and that all developers can maintain.

  2. I need an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in a hurry to test if my idea can be sold! We use regular PHP with WordPress and a collection of plugins as a platform. For the front end, we use jQuery.

  3. My system must be headless, and use GraphQL, MVC etc. We would much rather hear about your needs or wishes for the application and choose based on your needs than start with a specific technology. Below you can see a selection of technologies we work with.


Front-end JavaScript frameworks

Default for Laravel. Dual integration mode is great for high-end SPA applications and good for developing cross-platform. Easy to learn. See all frameworks built with Vue.js.

Created by Google. Perfect for developing a Single Page Application (SPA).

Created by Facebook. Perfect for dynamic web pages with high incoming traffic.

Popular due to its support for two-way data binding.

Meteor, Mithril, Node.js, NestJS, Polymer, Aurelia, Backbone.js, Knockout, Riot
These are also good – and there are more!

This is Angular v1 – and completely different from Angular, which is also called Angular v2.

Back-end frameworks

  • Phoenix – Elixir

    • Extremely fast MVC using the Elixir language, powered by Erlang Virtual Machine (VM). Generally 4 times faster than Rails, Laravel, etc.

  • Flask – Python

    • Flask is a microframework for Python

  • Django – Python

    • Fast and scalable.

  • Express – Node.js/Javascript

    • MVC Framework built in Javascript and powered by Node.js/JavaScript.

  • Rails – Ruby

    • MVC framework using the Ruby language – often called Ruby on Rails (RoR).

  • Laravel – PHP

    • PHP-based MVC framework.

  • .NET – C #

    • .NET is a Microsoft/Windows-originated framework, but is now also available in Linux. Supports several languages primarily C# (C sharp) and VB. ASP.NET extends .NET specifically for web apps.

  • Spring – Java

    • The favorite Java framework.

  • Mojolicious – Perl

    • Most prefer Python now.

  • What are the best backend web frameworks?


Front-end component Frameworks (Front-end UI frameworks)

  • Vuetify (Material Design with Vue.js)


Design Language

The design language specifies the look and feel of your product by describing color schemes, shapes, patterns, textures, layouts, etc., and secures a consistent design.

See more design languages or learn to create your own.

Javascript framework extensions

StoryBookMotion UI, GatsbyNext.js.

In 2016 GraphQL emerged.


CSS front-end frameworks

Bootstrap etc: and

  • Bootstrap

  • Semantic UI

  • Foundation


Technical terms in plain English

  • MVC – Model View Controller

    • Divides an application into three interconnected parts, the Model, the View, and the controller.

  • MVVM – Model View ViewModel

    • MVVM means separating the GUI from back-end logic (data model).


Why Vue?

Vue’s components, which let us think of each UI piece in isolation, encourage reusability through modularity while keeping our UI consistent.

We should focus on turning our components into building blocks that can be organized and used in multiple projects.

Do we need to share components between projects and applications, organize them for your team, and sync them in all your projects while developing them and making changes from any project??? (article)

CMS systems



Laravel Reference sites

Languages and technical choices


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