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Routii is a navigational app that helps you find new experiences on your way from A to B.



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Routii, a pioneering trip-planning app, offers users a comprehensive solution for crafting personalized journeys from destination A to B. The app not only facilitates route planning but also enriches the travel experience by showcasing nearby activities, deals, and offers, ranging from restaurants to entertainment centers. Since its inception, Routii has empowered users to curate unforgettable travel itineraries with ease.

The Challenge

📌 The primary challenge Routii faced was the necessity to work on an existing system that did not adhere to standard coding practices. Modifying, bug fixing, and introducing new features to this system proved to be a significant challenge.


✔️ In order to address the challenges posed by the existing system, the team at Tikweb decided to adopt the existing structure. Through intensive research and development efforts, they unraveled the intricacies of the system’s workflow, paving the way for effective modifications and enhancements.


✏️ Requirements Assessment and Roadmap Planning: The initial focus was on fixing and modifying the existing system to optimize the app’s performance. The team compiled a comprehensive list of elements that needed to be learned to adapt to the existing system and identified key issues. A roadmap was then meticulously planned, detailing the steps needed for system adaptation and enhancement. This roadmap received client approval, setting the stage for the development phase.

✏️ Development with Jira Integration: Jira played a crucial role in managing the development process. The team utilized this tool to track and address issues, ensuring a systematic approach to resolving challenges and implementing enhancements.

✏️ Client Communication Through Slack and Around: Effective communication with the client was facilitated through Slack and Around. These platforms served as hubs for real-time discussions, feedback, and updates, fostering a collaborative environment throughout the project.

Project Participants

Flutter Developer: Responsible for crafting the mobile application experience on Flutter.

Project Manager: Overseeing the project’s progress, ensuring adherence to timelines and client expectations.

Web Developer: Tasked with modifying and enhancing the existing web system for Routii.

UI/UX Designer: Instrumental in refining the app’s user interface to improve overall user experience.

QA Tester: Responsible for ensuring the quality and functionality App and Web platform through rigorous testing, identifying and addressing any potential issues or bugs in the system.

 Key Deliverable

iOS App


Maintenance and Upgrades


Tailored Journey & Precision


We developed Routii’s personalized exploration feature for users to discover nearby attractionssuch as restaurants and playgrounds tailored to their journey. Moreover, the app provides a 10-day weather forecast so that users can plan their trips with precision. 


Gain Experiences & Your Tale


We have developed a feature that offers eight categories and over 100,000 experiences ready to enhance users next trip. With our development efforts, logged-in users can share their experiences on Routii. Add a title, location, images, and personal text. Once approved, your adventure will be showcased on the website, inspiring others.

Social Integration & Interactive Discovery


User can connect their route with friends via Facebook and share their journey with their social circle. Moreover, users can enjoy a unique treasure hunt experience and find hidden gems and small gifts strategically placed on the map. 


Travel Community & Personalized Favorites


User can save their preferred experiences for later in Routii’s wallet feature. This functionality allows users to store chosen experiences conveniently for future reference and planning. Our development created a free community within Routii, fostering positive energy around travel and experiences.

Delivery & Development


After developing the project, it was launched on iOS, and web platforms. Security was a priority. Ongoing maintenance and multiple versions are planned to expand usage across departments.

Value Creation & Impact of the Solution

Tailored Journeys for Personalized Joy

Routii ensures each journey is uniquely tailored, aligning with individual preferences and delivering a truly personalized travel experience.

Social Bonds Enriching the Journey

Facebook Friends integration fosters social connections during trips, enhancing camaraderie, and making the travel experience more enriching.

Interactive Treasure Hunts for Delight

Routii’s treasure hunting adds an element of excitement, letting users discover hidden gems and surprises along their route, transforming their travel into an adventure.

Weather-Informed Seamless Planning

Routii’s weather forecast feature empowers users to plan with precision, considering weather conditions for a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Effortless Discovery and Saving for Delightful Surprises

Routii enables users to effortlessly discover and save new experiences, enhancing their itinerary with delightful surprises during the trip, making each journey more memorable.