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Drivi, a government-authorized platform, introduces a contemporary paperless system
tailored for driving schools in Denmark, revolutionizing administrative tasks
and bringing unprecedented efficiency to the entire process.



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Drivi, a government-authorized platform in Denmark, revolutionizes driving schools with its cutting-edge, paperless system. Endorsed by the Danish government, Drivi streamlines administrative tasks, prioritizes student-focused activities, and offers user-friendly features for seamless booking, appointment tracking, and digital lesson plans. With a hassle-free onboarding process and a free trial, Drivi saves up to 60% of administrative time, empowering users to focus on more valuable tasks. Committed to efficiency within budget constraints, Drivi redefines the driving school experience for both administrators and learners.

The Challenge

📌 Legacy Administrative Processes: Overcoming entrenched administrative processes inherent to traditional systems.
📌 Integration Complexities: Navigating intricate integration requirements between various components, ensuring coherence in functionality.
📌 User Adoption Concerns: Addressing potential resistance to change among administrators, students, and driving instructors accustomed to conventional methods.


✔️ Gradual Transition Strategies: Implementing gradual transitions from legacy processes to the new system, ensuring minimal disruption and user adaptability.
✔️ Robust Integration Protocols: Developing robust protocols for seamless integration, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to facilitate cohesive functionality.
✔️ User-Centric Design Approach: Adopting a user-centric design approach to enhance the user experience, addressing concerns and fostering a positive reception.


✏️ Strategic Conceptualization: Careful conceptualization of Drivi’s features and functionalities to align with the overarching objectives.
✏️ Agile Development Methodology: Implementation of an agile development methodology, allowing for flexibility and iterative improvements throughout the development lifecycle.
✏️ Comprehensive Testing Protocols: Rigorous testing protocols to identify and rectify any discrepancies, guaranteeing a robust and error-free final product.
✏️ Client Collaboration: Ongoing collaboration with the client, incorporating valuable feedback and insights to refine the system continuously.

Project Participants

Project Manager: Overseeing the entire development process, ensuring timelines and objectives are met.

Product Owner: Representing the client’s interests and vision, providing essential input throughout the project.

Scrum Master: Guiding the team through agile principles and scrum methodology, ensuring a streamlined development process.

Full-Stack Developer: Tasked with the overall development and integration of Drivi’s multifaceted features.

Swift Developer: Responsible for crafting the mobile application experience on the Swift platform.

UI/UX Designer: Instrumental in designing an intuitive and visually appealing interface, enhancing the user experience.

 Key Deliverable

Web app

Admin Dashboard

Apple Watch App Integration

Maintenance and Upgrades


Paperwork Integration & Apple Watch Task Management

We developed a feature for Drivi that simplifies paperwork by enabling a one-click transfer of student information to the Digital P23 application form. Additionally, driving schools can efficiently manage tasks and receive real-time notifications directly on the Apple Watch app to enhance convenience for on-the-go operations.

License System & Student Team Management

Our team integrated a comprehensive license management system into Drivi to ensure regulatory compliance and streamline administrative processes. Furthermore, A user-friendly team registration system on the website benefits both driving schools and students. This functionality makes it easy for driving schools to manage student teams efficiently. 

Booking System & Lesson Plan Management

Drivi now offers a user-friendly booking system developed by our team to simplify the scheduling of lessons and tests for driving schools. Additionally, the lession plan feature was developed for driving schools for organizing lesson plans.

Calendar Integration & Reminders

Our team crafted Drivi’s personalized calendar feature for users to effortlessly synchronize schedules across devices. Furthermore, reminders via SMS and email ensure that all stakeholders stay informed about bookings, lessons, and important milestones.


Delivery & Development


After developing the project, it was launched on web platforms. Security was a priority. Ongoing maintenance and multiple versions are planned to expand usage across departments.

Value Creation & Impact of the Solution

Streamlined Operations and Efficiency:

The implemented features lead to streamlined operations for driving schools, instructors, and students. This results in increased efficiency in managing tasks, scheduling, and communication, ultimately saving valuable time and resources.

Enhanced User Experience and Accessibility:

The introduction of web apps, real-time notifications, and user-friendly features significantly enhances the overall user experience. This increased accessibility ensures that all stakeholders have a seamless and convenient interaction with the platform.

Improved Compliance and Administrative Ease:

The comprehensive license management system and digital paperwork integration contribute to improved compliance and administrative ease. Driving schools benefit from simplified processes, reduced paperwork, and better adherence to legal requirements.

Increased Flexibility and On-the-Go Management:

The development of an Apple Watch app and mobile-friendly web apps provides driving schools and instructors with increased flexibility. This on-the-go management capability ensures that critical tasks can be handled conveniently, fostering adaptability in the fast-paced environment of driver education.

Enhanced Communication and Engagement:

Real-time notifications, reminders, and streamlined booking processes contribute to enhanced communication between driving schools, instructors, and students. This heightened level of engagement ensures that everyone stays informed, leading to a more collaborative and responsive learning environment.

Time and Resource Optimization:

The implementation of digital solutions, such as one-click data transfer and efficient lesson planning, optimizes time and resources for both driving schools and students. This not only improves overall productivity but also allows for a more focused and personalized approach to driver education.