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Trykkerihallen is a distinguished print shop in Denmark that stands

as a cornerstone for high-quality printing products.





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Specializing in customized and professional printed materials, the company caters to a diverse clientele, including private individuals, non-profit organizations, and commercial enterprises. Their extensive product range encompasses business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, banners, merchandise, and books.

Committed to delivering not only exceptional printing solutions but also value for their clients, Trykkerihallen offers competitive prices and tailor-made solutions to meet specific requirements and budgets. What sets them apart is their unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility. By utilizing environmentally friendly materials and practices, Trykkerihallen actively reduces its impact on the environment, aligning its business model with sustainable practices.

The Challenge

📌 Developing an e-commerce site for printing products faces hurdles due to dynamic options and variations. Balancing user experience with intricate customization is key. Meeting user demands while accommodating print order specifics adds complexity.


✔️ Our solution includes a robust product customization interface with intuitive controls. A flexible back-end updates pricing and previews based on options, enhancing user engagement.

✔️ Integrating an efficient work planning system ensures timely order fulfillment and resource optimization, creating a customer-centric platform.


✏️ We began with a comprehensive inspection and outlined a plan focused on robust customization. Our toolset includes Jira, Slack, and Figma for efficient project management.

✏️ Challenges during dynamic pricing integration required close collaboration between teams. An adaptive strategy emphasizes iterative development and meticulous planning.

✏️ Employing a tech stack comprising Svelte, SvelteKit, node.js, express.js, and PostgreSQL, rigorous testing and client feedback sessions were integral.

✏️ Continuously incorporating new features enhances functionality, positioning our platform as a cutting-edge solution in the printing industry.

Project Participants

Full Stack Developer: Integral in shaping the Trykkerihallen web platform, ensuring a seamless and feature-rich user experience. Led the development of frontend components, orchestrated the integration of backend functionalities, and contributed to defining the overall architecture. Proficient in PHP, NodeJS, Laravel, Nuxt.js, JavaScript, Sass, and Vuetify, enhancing Coachsome’s web presence.

Scrum Master: Guided the team through agile principles and scrum methodology, ensuring a streamlined and efficient development process for Trykkerihallen.

UI/UX Designer: Instrumental in designing an intuitive and visually appealing interface for Trykkerihallen, enhancing the overall user experience. Translated user requirements into engaging design elements, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing platform.

 Key Deliverable

Web app

Admin Dashboard

Maintenance and Upgrades


Advanced Cart & Ordering


Our team created an advanced cart system for seamless management of quantity variants, simplifying the ordering process.




Personalized Dashboards


We build Personalized admin login dashboards for customer, for efficient order management.





Customized Pricing & Shipping


We developed dynamic calculation features for pricing and delivery charges, ensuring tailored and transparent costs for every order.


Language-Friendly Navigation


Navigate Trykkerihallen effortlessly with our dynamic language switcher, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all customers.



Delivery & Development


After developing the project, it was launched on web platforms. Security was a priority. Ongoing maintenance and multiple versions are planned to expand usage across departments.

Value Creation & Impact of the Solution

Cost-Efficient Printing Solutions

Trykkerihallen’s solution offers cost-efficient printing, thanks to dynamic pricing and accurate shipping calculations, helping businesses save on printing expenses.

Streamlined Ordering Process

With an advanced cart system and personalized dashboards, Trykkerihallen’s solution streamlines the ordering process, reducing complexities and saving valuable time for both customers and administrators.

Inclusive Multilingual Experience

The dynamic language switcher ensures an inclusive and user-friendly experience, breaking language barriers and making high-quality printing accessible to a diverse audience.