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MUSEIQ is the world’s first interactive music streaming App with a full focus on
fairness and transparency.



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iOS, Android, Web


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MUSEIQ is a groundbreaking music streaming platform designed to empower independent artists, providing them with the tools and services needed to thrive in a competitive industry. Offering a unique blend of backend and frontend technologies, along with a strategic mobile framework, MUSEIQ redefines the landscape for artists seeking autonomy in their music careers.

The Challenge

📌 Integrating payment gateways seamlessly into the subscription system required adaptation to evolving client requirements and minimizing code modifications.
📌 Ensuring smooth music streaming without buffering necessitated employing a secure storage service with private buckets, along with serving temporary public links during streaming to maintain privacy and uninterrupted playback.
📌 Establishing a fair revenue distribution model for artists and collaborators involved crafting a comprehensive flowchart through extensive collaboration to clarify fund allocation.


✔️ Adapted to evolving client requirements for payment gateways by implementing a flexible system, allowing easy introduction or modification of gateways.
✔️ Facilitated smooth streaming by employing a secure storage service with private buckets and serving temporary public links during streaming.
✔️ Crafted a comprehensive flowchart through extensive collaboration to address the complexity of revenue distribution, offering clarity on fund allocation.


✏️ Commenced with an in-depth project inspection to plan project flow and translate client requirements into Figma designs.
✏️ Formulated a robust database design for APIs, crucial for both frontend and mobile app interactions.
✏️ Maintained organized task management through JIRA and systematic version control via Bitbucket.
✏️ Adhered to agile methodologies to promote flexibility and responsiveness to evolving requirements.
✏️ Currently in final stages, gearing up for the imminent first release.

Project Participants

Scrum Master: Orchestrating the agile development process, ensuring adherence to timelines and client expectations.

Full Stack Developer: Steering the overall development efforts, ensuring a cohesive and integrated platform.

Flutter Developer: Crafting the mobile application experience using the Flutter framework.

UI/UX Designer: Instrumental in refining the visual aesthetics and user experience of the platform.

 Key Deliverable

Android App

iOS App

Website admin portal

Maintenance and Upgrades


Discovering New Music


The feature for discovering new music has been developed by our team for MuseIQ, providing users with an interactive platform to explore a diverse library of songs and enhancing their overall music streaming experience.


Creating Avatar and Level Up


We developed this feature for users to create avatars and level up. This introduces a gamified element, enabling users to express themselves creatively and unlock new levels as they engage with the platform.



Rating Music


The ability to rate music on MuseIQ has been developed by our team, empowering users to actively shape their music-streaming journey, contribute to personalized recommendations, and express their individual tastes.


Monthly Payouts


We developed the distinctive feature of Monthly Payouts on MuseIQ. This commitment to fairness and transparency allows users to receive financial rewards for their engagement with the platform, creating a unique incentive model that values and rewards user participation.

Delivery & Development


After developing the app, it was launched on iOS, Android, and web platforms. Security was a priority. Ongoing maintenance and multiple versions are planned to expand usage across departments.

Value Creation & Impact of the Solution

Fair Recognition and Rewards

Through the Monthly Payouts feature, MuseIQ ensures fairness and transparency, acknowledging and rewarding users for their engagement. This unique incentive model values user participation, creating a sense of fairness and mutual benefit within the MuseIQ community. Swipe and rate music on MUSEIQ to shape user-driven charts, impacting artist payouts. Validating favorite artists through a subscription contributes $1 monthly, offering direct support to the musicians you admire via MUSEIQ.

Enriched Musical Exploration

MuseIQ transforms the way users discover music, offering a dynamic platform for continuous exploration with a vast and diverse library of songs. The app enriches users’ musical journeys by introducing them to new and diverse tracks regularly.

Expressive and Engaging User Experience

The introduction of personalized avatars and leveling up on MuseIQ adds a unique and engaging dimension to the user experience. Users can creatively express themselves while enjoying a gamified approach, making their interaction with the app more enjoyable and expressive.

Empowered Music Curation

MuseIQ empowers users to actively curate their music experience. Allowing users to rate music, the app tailors recommendations to individual tastes, providing a more personalized and satisfying listening experience that aligns with users’ preferences.