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SlikEkspressen is Denmark’s wildest online mix-it-yourself candy store

with more than 400 candy varieties, and we add new candy every day.



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iOS, Android, Web


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Discover the world of Mix Yourself Candy at SlikEkspressen, Denmark’s leading online store for personalized candy mixes. Featuring an extensive selection of over 400 candy varieties, Their digital platform combines confectionery expertise with accessibility. Designed with a focus on freshness and flavor, the user-friendly website ensures a straightforward experience from start to finish. Beyond the candies, their Bland Selv Sweets contribute to creating cozy atmospheres, suitable for personal indulgence, family gatherings, or thoughtful gifts. SlikEkspressen serves as your informative online destination for Mix Yourself Candy, providing a diverse array of options for a delightful and customized confectionery experience.

The Challenge

📌 Subscription System Generation: Implementing a subscription system posed our initial challenge. Despite its complexity, our team navigated this task adeptly, finalizing the system smoothly to enhance user engagement and loyalty.
📌 Shopify API Integration: The second challenge involved working with Shopify’s API. Understanding the intricate requirements and seamlessly integrating them into the final project demanded a strategic approach and precise execution.


✔️ Subscription System Optimization: To overcome the complexity of the subscription system, our team opted to leverage our own database system instead of relying on Shopify’s database. This decision not only simplified the implementation but also ensured a more tailored and efficient subscription experience for our customers.
✔️ Shopify API Customization: For working with Shopify’s API, our team meticulously tailored the integration to meet project-specific requirements. By understanding and addressing the unique demands of SlikEkspressen, we crafted a solution that seamlessly integrated with the existing ecosystem.


✏️ Requirements Gathering and Backlog Creation: The project commenced with a thorough requirements gathering phase. We meticulously identified and documented the project’s needs, breaking them down into product backlogs, and further into tasks.
✏️ Agile Planning and Scrum Methodology: Following Agile principles and Scrum methodology, we planned sprints with a focus on prioritizing tasks. The highest priority tasks were allocated to the initial sprint, ensuring a strategic and iterative development process.
Collaborative Tools: Confluence was employed for documentation, Bitbucket for repository and version control, and Slack along with Google Meet for seamless communication. These tools facilitated efficient task management and ensured a collaborative workflow.

Project Participants

Flutter Developer: Responsible for crafting the mobile application experience on Flutter.

Web Developer: Tasked with creating and optimizing the web platform for SlikEkspressen.

UI/UX Designer: Instrumental in designing an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive user interface to enhance the overall customer experience.

 Key Deliverable

Android App

iOS App

Web App

Admin Dashboard

Maintanence and Upgrades


Candy Discovery & Personalized Purchases

We developed a feature that allows users to explore an array of candies tailored for specific countries like Singapore and Denmark. Customize your candy bags by naming them, selecting icons, and effortlessly calculating the total price and weight of your selections.

Versatile Packaging Choices

We developed a feature for users to assemble their own candy bags, complete with a customized name and icon. Easily add candies to your bag and let the app calculate the total price and weight. Users also has the flexibility to choose between a traditional bag or a charming bowl for storing their selected candies.

Hot Deals Integration


We developed a feature allowing users to enhance their candy bag with exclusive hot deals products. Explore bundled packages of candies and enjoy special discounts, adding extra sweetness to your candy collection.

Seamless Checkout


Users can input their shipping details and select preferred delivery methods, including drop points, with ease. Users can complete their purchase securely using quick pay or mobile pay, ensuring a smooth and efficient checkout process.

Delivery & Development


After developing the app, it was launched on iOS, Android, and web platforms. Security was a priority. Ongoing maintenance and multiple versions are planned to expand usage across departments.

Value Creation & Impact of the Solution

Unique Candy Selection and Nostalgic Finds

The app’s extensive catalog of over 500 candy types, including rare and nostalgic favorites, create a unique candy exploration experience. Users can rediscover childhood treats and access exclusive candies not readily available elsewhere, adding value to their candy-mixing journey.

Efficient Ordering and Delivery Convenience

The app’s efficient ordering system, with weekday dispatch and reliable delivery partners, ensures timely candy deliveries.

Diverse and Inclusive Candy Options

The recent expansion of their sugar-free range reflects their commitment to offering diverse options. By encouraging user suggestions, they aim to become the go-to platform with the largest selection of sugar-free products.

Joyful Gift-Giving and Celebrations

The app’s gifting features, including customizable packaging options and special occasion mixes, contribute to creating memorable moments. It enhances the joy of gift-giving and celebrations through sweet and personalized gestures.

Sustainable and Responsible Practices

By offering sustainable packaging options and prioritizing a direct supply chain, the app aligns with eco-friendly practices, providing users with a guilt-free and environmentally conscious candy experience.