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Wedbox stands as a pioneering wedding app, streamlining the sharing of precious moments among wedding guests, the bride, and the groom. With the inclusion of in-app purchases, users can unlock premium features, enhancing their overall experience and immortalizing the joyous occasion.

The Challenge

📌 Old Code: The project faced hurdles due to a legacy codebase with outdated technologies, coding practices, and potential compatibility issues. Integrating new features within this existing architecture was impeded by the complexity of the outdated code.

📌 No Documentation: The absence of comprehensive documentation posed challenges in understanding the system’s intricacies and functionalities. This lack hindered onboarding new team members and impeded efficient troubleshooting and debugging processes.


✔️ Gradual Code Update: Implemented a phased approach to update the code, prioritizing critical areas.
✔️ Thorough Testing: Ensured changes were rigorously tested through unit testing to maintain code stability.
✔️ Collaborative Development: Promoted collaboration through pair programming and regular code reviews to enhance code quality.
✔️ Comprehensive Documentation: Created a comprehensive documentation set covering the entire codebase, facilitating better understanding and knowledge transfer.
✔️ Feature Comments: Introduced single comments on features within the codebase to enhance code readability and provide a quick reference for developers.


✏️ Codebase Understanding: Invested initial weeks in understanding the intricacies of the older codebase, identifying challenges, and planning the revitalization process.
✏️ Jira Board Collaboration: Work initiation occurred based on client-provided issues on the Jira board, addressing challenges systematically and efficiently.
✏️ Documentation Creation: Developed a comprehensive documentation set to serve as a single source of truth, aiding both current and future development efforts.

Project Participants

Project Manager: Guiding the overall progress and strategic decisions of the Wedbox revitalization project.

Web Developer: Implementing updates and improvements to the web components of the app.

UI/UX Designer: Enhancing the visual and experiential aspects of Wedbox to provide an appealing and user-friendly interface.

Android Developer: Ensuring the optimization and functionality of Wedbox on Android devices.

iOS Developer: Focusing on the iOS counterpart, delivering a seamless experience for Apple device users.

 Key Deliverable

Android App

iOS App

Admin Dashboard

Maintanence and Upgrades


Collaborative Memory Collection


We developed a dynamic platform for collaborative photo and video sharing for Wedbox. Guests and professional photographers can contribute to a shared album, capturing diverse wedding moments. This inclusive feature enhances storytelling by allowing both stills and moving highlights to be shared and cherished.

Wedding Day Planning & Access

 We crafted a streamlined solution for wedding day planning and access in Wedbox. Couples can effortlessly map out their entire schedule, ensuring every moment is captured and shared seamlessly. The app generates personalized QR codes for instant access to shared content, fostering engagement among guests.


Event Management & Easy Navigation


We provided versatility for events and easy event management in Wedbox. Whether it’s a wedding, bachelor, or bachelorette event, users can create and manage multiple celebrations effortlessly. This comprehensive solution ensures a seamless and memorable experience for all.

Guest Engagement & Personalization


We developed interactive guest engagement and personalized memories features for Wedbox. Guests can share thoughts and comments, fostering shared celebrations of love and joy. Additionally, users can categorize moments and events, making it easy to locate and share specific memories.


Delivery & Development


After developing the app, it was launched on iOS, Android, and web platforms. Security was a priority. Ongoing maintenance and multiple versions are planned to expand usage across departments.

Value Creation & Impact of the Solution

Preserving Precious Moments

WedBox, through its Collaborative Photo Sharing feature, ensures that every guest and professional photographer can contribute to a shared photo album. This real-life value translates into a diverse and cherished collection of wedding snapshots that might have otherwise been missed or scattered across individual devices

Simplified Photo Management

The introduction of Personal Categorization of Folders in WedBox simplifies the real-life challenge of organizing wedding photos. Couples can easily create a structured schedule, eliminating the hassle of searching for specific moments. This results in a more organized and accessible digital collection of memories.

Effortless Guest Engagement

The Interactive Guest Engagement feature in WedBox fosters real-life connections. Guests can actively participate by sharing thoughts and reliving moments, creating a sense of engagement and connection both during and after the wedding day.

Seamless Wedding Planning

The View Wedding Day Schedule feature aids couples in planning their wedding day seamlessly. This translates into a real-life impact as couples and guests can navigate the day with ease, ensuring that every special moment is captured and shared effortlessly.

Versatile Celebration Management

WedBox’s versatility for Bachelor or Bachelorette Events offers real-life value by providing a single platform for various celebrations. Users can manage multiple events seamlessly, reducing the need for multiple tools or platforms for different occasions.

Inclusive and Joyful Experience

Features like Simplified Access with QR Codes and Video Sharing Capability contribute to an inclusive and joyful real-life experience. Guests can easily access and contribute to the shared content, fostering a sense of inclusivity and celebration beyond the wedding day.