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Wedsly is a Wedding Planner app that can help customers to
plan their dream wedding.



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Wedsly is a Wedding Planner app that can help customers to plan their dream wedding. Customers can manage everything from their guest list to their budget from their mobile device. Since the launch in 2017, Wedsly has helped more than 300,000 couples plan their wedding.

The Challenge

Several challenges were encountered, including understanding how data flowed in this app, integrating third-party services, and upgrading existing code.

Having closely collaborated with our clients, we understood the data and concepts, as well as their expectations, and by learning the required skills, we were able to fix the third-party integrations and upgrade the existing code.

✏️ Our first step was to gather the requirements for the project. We then split those requirements into the product backlogs, and we create tasks for those backlogs. Our next step was to plan the sprint, place the highest priority task in the first sprint, and plan the rest in the same way.

✏️ For task management, Confluence is used for documentation, Bitbucket is used for repository and version control, and Slack and Google Meet are used for communications.

✏️ As an Agile company, we follow the Agile principles and scrum methodology strictly when tackling this kind of project.

Project Participants

Scrum Master, Android & iOS App Developer, Full Stack Developer, UI/UX Designer, QA Tester, System Engineer, Product Owner (Client side)

Key Deliverable

✔️ Android App

✔️ iOS App

✔️ Admin Dashboard

✔️ Maintenance and Upgrades



Discover seamless budget control with Wedsly’s latest feature. Tailor your wedding expenses effortlessly using our Budget Tool. Set a total budget, allocate costs, and keep a close eye on your spending, all within the Wedsly app. Our developers have crafted a user-friendly tool, empowering you to take charge of your wedding finances.


Stay organized effortlessly with Wedsly’s Checklist feature. Our customizable checklist is tailored to encompass all your wedding planning tasks, keeping you on top of every detail. Easily adapt the checklist to your unique needs, categorize tasks, and ensure seamless progress as you approach the big day.


Plan together

Collaboration is key in crafting your dream wedding, and Wedsly ensures seamless teamwork. With our app, you and your partner can synchronize efforts, delegate tasks, share ideas, and communicate effortlessly. Experience a hassle-free planning journey as you align your visions for the perfect wedding. Wedsly keeps you and your partner on the same page, making wedding planning a joyous shared experience.


Guest Engagement Hub

Elevate your wedding experience with Wedsly’s Guest Engagement Hub, where all essential wedding details are just a tap away. Seamlessly manage your RSVP, update contact information, and explore the wedding schedule, ensuring you’re fully prepared for the big day. With intuitive features like personalized RSVPs and easy gift selection from the wedding registry, Wedsly makes it effortless for guests to engage and stay connected throughout the celebration.

Delivery & Development


After developing the app, it was launched on iOS, Android, and web platforms. Security was a priority. Ongoing maintenance and multiple versions are planned to expand usage across departments.

Value Creation & Impact of the Solution

Effortless Planning

Wedsly simplifies wedding planning, offering intuitive features that streamline tasks, ensuring couples enjoy a stress-free and organized journey to their big day.

Enhanced Collaboration

The app fosters collaboration between couples, promoting effective communication and shared decision-making, leading to a more harmonious and enjoyable wedding planning process.

Guest Engagement

Wedsly’s Guest Dashboard not only simplifies attendance management but also enhances the guest experience, providing a seamless platform for RSVPs, accessing wedding details, and navigating the event schedule effortlessly.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Wedsly optimizes time and resources, allowing couples to make informed decisions efficiently, ultimately saving both time and money throughout the wedding planning journey.

Personalized Experience

The app tailors the wedding planning experience to individual preferences, ensuring a personalized and unique celebration that reflects the couple’s vision and style.

Memorable Guest Experience

By providing a comprehensive Guest Dashboard, Wedsly contributes to a memorable guest experience, allowing attendees to engage with the wedding details seamlessly and participate in the celebration with ease.