As a startup, you have probably heard that it is important that you work agile and have been recommended to follow the scrum model – and this is also how we work, however, we have adapted the scrum model so that it fits even better into our model that is highly automated and we have shaved off all unnecessary expenses.

Tikweb’s focus is to ensure a finished product in 6 months – with minimal expenses along the way. Many would say this is impossible, but our experience with many projects is that we can deliver it every time, as long as our extremely agile version of scrum is followed!

As sales get underway and revenue increases, it will be natural to turn down the development pressure a little and put even more emphasis on testing and operations.

Roadmap for a typical Tikweb SaaS deployment

  • 3 months with dialogue and review of shareholders’ agreement, preparation of sketches and description of the system.
  • 6 months of development and testing – we run explosive weekly sprints and release a larger functionality in the system every week.
  • 3 months with customer testing, support building, training of salesperson, on-boarder and supporter as well as launch of marketing campaign. We are switching to 14 day sprints with a greater focus on testing.
  • It has been 1 year – the business is up and running and we are switching to monthly sprints so that the rest of the business can keep up with the technical development.

Remember that the above is an example and our general recommendation – we can continue in weekly sprints forever, but even among entrepreneurs and enthusiasts it is very rare we meet others who can! And even if you can, it’s not healthy 

If you want to know more – please contact Kasper Tikjøb via the information on the right or use the chat in the corner. And if you know an investor, send him the link to our investor page, so you also get help to get your investor on board.