Project Status: Ongoing
Start time: 01/12/2021

SMS-Track offers a full-featured service for SMS and Text Message Surveys with a high response rate of over 90%! It can run quick, one-time surveys or set up recurring surveys every day, week, or month, and use a rule engine to define future questions. Whether the customer is planning a large research study or just needs a quick SMS Questionnaire, SMS-Track is up for the task!


  • Our first step was to gather the requirements for the project. We then split those requirements into the product backlogs, and we create tasks for those backlogs. Our next step was to plan the sprint, place the highest priority task in the first sprint, and plan the rest of the sprint in the same way.
  • For task management, Confluence is used for documentation, Bitbucket is used for repository and version control, and Slack and Google Meet are used for communications.
  • As an Agile company, we follow the agile principles and scrum methodology strictly when tackling this kind of project.

Who are/were involved in this project?
Project Manager, Software Developer