Staff augmentation

Staff augmentation offers a solution for businesses seeking to retain project control while avoiding the challenges of recruitment, administrative burdens, and workspace management. We offer staff augmentation services to enhance your project with the precise skill sets needed.

Spending less & working faster

Streamline your operations by partnering with us. We’re committed to saving you both time and money, absorbing the additional costs associated with on-site team infrastructure.

Bolstering your in-house capabilities

Whether you’re expanding your team or bridging skill gaps, we assemble a world-class team of top tech talent. Think of us as an extension of your in-house capabilities, ensuring expertise and efficiency in every project.

Your dedicated team at full throttle

Our dedicated teams are adept at starting projects from scratch, ensuring a speedy journey to market with a full-cycle dedicated approach.

R&D services for project enhancement

Our R&D managers examine a wide range of products & test out creative ideas to improve your project with the most recent cutting-edge features.

End-to-end software development
teams on demand

At Tikweb, we connect you with tailored software development teams, ready to amplify your vision. Our dedicated software development teams include:

Web developers

Dreaming of a standout website? Our web developers are on it! They’re not just about coding; they’re about crafting online spaces that truly resonate. Whether you’re looking for sleek design, snappy performance, or user-friendly features, our team is passionate about bringing your web vision to life, pixel by pixel.

Frontend developers

Front-end developers specialize in transforming design mockups into functional user interfaces. Proficient in languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, they ensure seamless interactions and optimal user experiences across various devices and browsers, bridging the gap between design and functionality with precision and expertise.

Backend developers

Behind every great website lies a robust back-end, meticulously crafted by our developers. Specializing in server-side technologies, database design, and security protocols, they architect the foundation that powers your web applications. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, our back-end experts ensure your site not only runs smoothly but also stands resilient against potential threats.

Full stack developer

Bridging the worlds of front-end finesse and back-end robustness for a 360° web solution, they’re adept in a spectrum of technologies. From crafting intuitive user interfaces to architecting scalable server infrastructures, our full stack experts bring a holistic approach to web development, ensuring cohesive, efficient, and integrated digital experiences.

Certified project managers

Our project managers are certified in ITIL®, PRINCE2®, Scrum@Scale, and more. With expertise spanning agile methodologies to organizational leadership, they ensure your projects are on track, innovative, and successful.

Mobile developers

Our mobile developers are all about creating apps that people love to use. Whether your audience is team iPhone or team Android, we’ve got you covered with apps that are intuitive, smooth, and just plain awesome.

UI/UX designers

Our designers thrive in diverse domains, specializing in UX Design, Webflow, SaaS Design, and traditional Web Design. Whether it’s optimizing user experiences, crafting dynamic SaaS interfaces, or designing captivating web visuals, their versatility ensures tailored solutions that elevate your digital presence.

Software QA engineer

Ensuring flawless functionality is our software testers’ mission. Leveraging a suite of techniques and tools, they meticulously identify and rectify system defects, guaranteeing that your software not only meets but exceeds quality benchmarks, delivering reliability with every click.