We are specialists in helping start-ups build their SaaS system – and as something completely unique, your developer will sit in a specialist team that works exclusively with SaaS startups. We deliver everything about the technical aspects, so you have the opportunity to focus on marketing, selling and growing your business.

This is a model we now have good experience with, where the payment is often a small monthly amount as well as shares in the company, which ensures that we deliver a system of the highest quality in both the short and long term.

Below we give an example of what it can end up with:

Example 1

Tikweb delivers:

  • 1 fuldtids (37 timer ugentlig) full-stack developer.
  • 1 part-time team manager (full-stack), approximately 5 hours weekly.
  • 1 part-time designer (UI+UX), approximately 5 hours weekly.
  • 1 part-time CTO (understands both tech and business), 5 hours weekly.
  • Operation and hosting.
  • Training you in the various IT tools you will need.
  • All necessary software, IT tools and licenses for project management, communication, preparation of sketches, professional mail addresses, file sharing, calendar, software testing etc.
    • We work in different systems so if you have a preference, we can support your needs.
    • Most often, however, we find that startups appreciate following our recommendation of all the systems that work effectively together.

I deliver:

  • massive dedication – there is no room for anything else in your life for the next 3 years!
  • Sketches of the entire system drawn in an online editor (we teach you how)
  • Descriptions of the functionality the system must provide
  • Weekly troubleshooting and reporting of errors
  • Sale
  • Marketing
  • Translations
  • Content for website
  • System-wide support pages – including video support

The different tools in the software package we provide:

  • Project management in the tech team
  • Project management in the company
  • Communication tool for dialogue in the company
  • Drive system with mail, calendar, tasks in the store, customer contact, word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and file sharing
  • Screenshot tool for reporting errors and changes
  • Versioning the code
  • Sketch tool to sketch the system from
  • Website with design tool
  • Knowledge base system (supportcenter)
  • E-læringssystem
  • Automatic marketing platform (marketing plan and blog with automatic SoMe sharing)
  • Professional newsletter
  • Chat system for website and app – with desktop, mobile and iPad / tablet clients
  • Ticket system for customer support (SLA-based)
  • CRM and marketing automation tool
  • ISO-certified Danish GDPR-approved hosting – redundant in several Danish hosting centers
  • PPM tool for roadmapping, including HR tool for employee management, vacation, shift planning, etc.
  • Many different plugins, modules, integrations and add-ons to the above systems ensure collaboration across the systems and support the success of your startup.

Access to benefit agreements:

  • Access to SMS gateway with price per SMS significantly below market price.


The main features of the process are as follows:

  • You submit a business plan and other material for our assessment of the project. Especially when the sales process starts and how it should proceed is very important for our assessment.
  • If we are interested in a collaboration, we send a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that both parties sign.
  • We hold meetings to get to know each other and negotiate the distribution of shares, payment or a combination of shares and payment.
  • If it has not already been done, then you describe the functionality of the entire system and make sketches in a sketch program.
  • We develop a prototype to ensure that the task is understood correctly.
  • We develop the system.
  • The system is tested with selected test subjects and then with test customers.
  • Sales start – while we continue to develop version 2 according to the scrum model.