We are specialists in technical execution of startups and rebranding of existing companies.


The biggest challenge in an unfunded SaaS startup – is often that there are basically 3 roles, but that one of the roles has to do all the work before the others can get started, and that the person therefore feels he is doing it all without the others participating in any work, and he therefore runs mad in it.

The 3 roles – translated into Danish:

  • CEO = sælgeren
  • CMO = marketing manager and sparring partner
  • CTO = udvikleren

We have experienced it time and time again – the energetic salesperson type and fresh marketing managers change from one developer to another as time passes and they are overtaken by those who run a professional startup.

If you want to create a successful startup, you ensure that you have enough investor money on board to make all the rookie mistakes yourself or choose to work with a professional tech team that does it right from the start.

Rebrand eller Pivot

We call it a rebranding when we help an existing company that may be making money, but has not been able to achieve its full potential. It is basically not that different from implementing a startup and in many cases, the business’s technical system also needs to be renewed, and then there is virtually no difference. If we also go in and change the entire business model, then it is called a Pivot.

When we rebrand an existing business, the business is therefore most often restarted according to the same model as a startup, of course according to a model where we can maintain or increase current revenue, while creating the opportunity to scale revenue.

Experience makes the difference

These are the same mistakes we see time and time again, and with 25 years of entrepreneurial experience and completing a lot of startups and rebrandings, we’ve seen it all. We know exactly what works and what doesn’t, and we’ve put everything that works into system.

That is why we as something unique can deliver startup services according to a model where we know exactly how long it takes to develop your system and what is most important to do first! See what you get with a Tikweb Startup Tech Team.