Project Status: Completed/Closed
Start time: 22/07/2021
End time: 19/10/2022

TrapMe Bait Box was a project where we needed to design and create a prototype of a bait box that will house the TrapMe device.

Mechanical CAD, DFM Tool, 3D Printer CAM, FDM 3D Printer


  • User experience for placing the device in the box. Due to the loaded position of the device, we had to ensure it would not accidentally trigger an incident while the user placed it in the box.
  • Ensuring that the box is strong enough to withstand any unwanted impacts
  • For children to be unable to open it, it needs to have a locking mechanism


  • We created different prototypes to evaluate user experiences. Additionally, we made two positions for the device in the box for different types of add-ons.
  • We have designed the box with ribs to make it strong and light at the same time.
  • We have invented a sliding-type locking mechanism that prevents the lid from being accidentally opened.