Project Status: Completed
Start time: 01/03/2021
End time: 22/07/2022

TrapMe Mouse House is an addon for TrapMe devices. This addon was designed and manufactured 800+ pieces for the customers

Mechanical CAD, DFM Tool, 3D Printer CAM, FDM 3D Printer


  • The addon must be accurate in mass & shape. If it were not accurate, the device might auto trigger itself or don’t trigger automatically if there are any mice.
  • There were some portions in the addon which were challenging to 3D print during production phase


  • We analysed the physical parameters of the main device using very precise measurement methods. According to that, the CAD design was created and tested. We produced some prototypes to compare & test the design in real action.
  • Different shapes require different strategies in 3D Printing. We created a custom-made manufacturing method to successfully complete the entire production.

The objective was to design & produce an add-on for the existing TrapMe device to catch small mice. There was a design phase where we created a physical design by 3D CAD software according to proper measurements. Then, some prototypes were created to calibrate the design with the existing machines. After that, the final production phase was activated. We produced 800+ mouse house add-ons in our FDM 3D Printers.

The client was very happy with the first shipment and ordered this product 4 times with different bulk amounts. We still provide them with on-demand production of this product.

Project participants
CEO, Manager, Product Design Engineer