Project Status: Completed/Closed
Start time: 03/08/2020
End time: 30/07/2022

Gixter is a platform to find and book artists of all types and genres for your big day. Its musicians are from Denmark, Austria, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. Their customers can hire artists for their events or they can create events where artists can apply for jobs. Other features include concert creation, equipment hire, blog, etc.

PHP, Laravel, Vue, Nuxt, MySQL, Webpack, Vuex, MaterialUI, Figma


  • Our first challenge was to deal with data optimization.
  • The second challenge was to work with the search optimization
  • Another challenge was to cope with the web page performance optimization


  • For data optimization we solved it by implementing database indexing & physical summary table.
  • A query optimization approach was used for search optimization.
  • As part of our efforts to optimise web page performance, we introduced a better coding structure and pattern.