Project Status: Ongoing
Start time: 29/03/2022

Routii is a trip planning app where user can plan a trip from destination A to B and can see the activities, deals such as restaurant offers, entertainment centre offers etc that are near the planned route and can add any of them in their route plan

PHP, Codeigniter, MySQL, Flutter, Figma

The main challenge was, Tikweb had to work on an existing solution of the system and that was not developed maintaining standard coding practices. So modifying the existing work, fixing out the bugs, and adding new features was very troublesome.

We adopted the existing structure. Figured out the workflow by intense R&D

The requirement was fixing and modifying the existing system so that the app could perform better. We listed the things that need to be learned to adapt the existing system. Then list out the issues. We planned a roadmap with the issues, and the client approved the roadmap. The developers then worked accordingly. To do all these, we used Jira. And for client communication, we used Slack and Around.

The project is still ongoing. The client the first requirements met. Currently, developers are working on the new requirements 

Who are/were involved in this project?
Flutter Developer, Project Manager, Web developer